About Geocaching

What is Geocaching?


So you have heard the term Geocaching but what does it mean? Will in a nut shell it’s a game played in all around the world using a GPS receiver to find hidden geocaches at the coordinated given.


What’s a Geocache?


A geocache is normally a waterproof container that contains a logbook and normally a pencil to sign it with. Geocaches normally fit into 4 size categories Micro, Small, Regular and Large, for more information on sizes please look here. However don’t be fooled not all geocaches are plastic boxes as you find more caches you soon see there are some very cunning and cleaver cachers out there that hid some great caches.


Is there just one type of Geocache?


No there are several types of geocache that you can find. The Traditional geocache is the most common one, but there are others like Puzzle Geocache, Multi-Geocache and earth Geocache. For more information in the full list of caches look here




So how do a find it?


Firstly you’re going to need a couple of things. The first been an account at http://www.geocaching.com/ this will enable you to search and find the details of the caches. Don’t worry the basic account is free.

Secondly you now need a GPS unit to help find the cache. This can be a handheld GPS device or you could use your smart phone with a geocaching app of which there are several out there.